Solar panels are one of the great innovations known to mankind and mother Earth. Since we realized that we can harvest energy from the sun, many innovators continue to create ways to do it more efficiently. That is how 1500V utility-scale Solar Panels (also known as Solar Modules) have come to life.

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The Basics of a 1500-Volt Utility-scale Solar Panel

Solar energy is usually harvested in photovoltaic power stations, also known as a solar park or solar ranch. A plethora of solar panels is arranged to create a photovoltaic system (PV system) designed for the supply of energy brought to consumers. Solar panels get solar power by converting light directly into electricity

Solar panels produce direct current (DC) electricity. Thus, solar parks need conversion equipment called inverters to convert this to alternating current (AC), which is the form brought to consumers. To maximize their efficiency, solar power plants use maximum power point trackers (MPPT) to keep each solar array string close to its peak power point or maximum system voltage. This is where the 1500-Volt Utility-scale Solar Panel comes in.

The Benefits of a 1500-Volt Utility-scale Solar Panel

Larger Capacity

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Most solar parks at present use 1000V solar panels. However, innovations have now brought forward a 1500V solar panel. Converting to a higher voltage solar panel like a 1500V increases the sum of electricity harvested at a given time. It’s like eating at a buffet with a larger stomach.

The 1500V solar panel has been specifically designed for use in utility-scale PV power plants. This utility-scale panel drives balance-of-system savings by decreasing the required number of home run cables, combiner boxes, and fuses. Less over-all equipment and wiring mean reduced installation costs, less ongoing maintenance, and lower system losses.


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A higher voltage capacity means bigger units because of enhanced clearances for insulation purposes. The higher maximum system voltage also improves performance by reducing resistive losses, thus increasing system-level energy yield. Specifically, the 1500V systems allow for 50% longer strings and larger inverters, with an output 10 to 40% higher. This has the biggest PV system power density and performance yet.

Cuts Expenses

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Lower component costs could see expenditure on cables, DC breakers, combiner boxes, and other key components fall by 30% or more. It boils down to longer strings and fewer components. Businesses also benefit from the lower labor costs provided by the reduction in the volume of components.

With decreasing module prices, attention has shifted to other BOS (balance-of-system) components as opportunity areas to remove capital costs. This shift is the best investment that you can make!

The Downside of a 1500-Volt Utility-scale Solar Panel

The industry had some concern over potential-induced degradation (PID) of modules. Potential induced degradation (PID) is a potential induced performance degradation in crystalline photovoltaic modules, caused by stray currents. This effect may cause a power. This problem can increase with the increasing of voltage in the solar panels. For this reason, 1500V solar panels need to have a greater encapsulation to ensure PID doesn’t happen.

Another concern is that when you have a larger system and a larger inverter, the impact of a failure on an inverter, if there is one, is greater.

All in all, 1500V solar panels has more benefits than disadvantages. As such, it makes it a good investment. It’s large, efficient, and most of all, worthwhile.

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