Solar Panels Kit

Amerisolar iSBoxTM is a solar panels kit, an integrated intelligent solar power system which is specially designed to provide a complete energy solution for residential and commercial roofs. Both on-grid and offgrid PV systems can be customized and provided according to the user’s requirements.

The on-grid PV system is composed of PV modules, smart inverters, mounting racks, distribution box
and other necessary accessories. The inverter converts the DC power produced by the
modules into AC power consistent with the voltage and power quality required by the utility grid.

Kit-Amerisolar-2022 Solar Panels Kit
The controller adopts MPPT technology and intelligent battery management design, and regulates the charging of the battery by the modules and discharging of the battery by the appliances. All the components are from the top-class manufacturers, and ensure the highest energy yield and maximize the user’s return on investment.

Solar Panels Kit : Key Features and Benefits (Amerisolar Kit)

Kit-Amerisolar-Unpacked Solar Panels Kit

Solar Panels Kit: iSBox On-grid system schematic diagram

iSBox-On-grid-system-schematic-diagram-Amerisolar Solar Panels Kit

iSBox Off-grid system schematic diagram

iSBox-Off-grid-system-schematic-diagram-Amerisolar Solar Panels Kit

Main components of Amerisolar Kit

PV-Module-Amerisolar-Kit Solar Panels Kit

PV Module

Amerisolar photovoltaic modules are produced under the strict quality control in compliance with the standard IEC61215, IEC61730 and UL1703. All components and materials for the modules are of the best quality from well-established suppliers. This ensures the modules produce a continuous, reliable yield, even under demanding operational conditions. The modules also show superior performance in Photon Lab’s test field.

Certification: Certification-PV-Module-Amerisolar-Kit Solar Panels Kit
Product warranty: 12 years
Limited linear power warranty: 12 years 91.2% of the nominal poweroutput, 30 years 80.6% of the nominal power output
Smart-Inverter-Amerisolar-kit Solar Panels Kit

Smart Inverter

Huawei smart inverters integrate the latest digital and internet technology, and make any PV power system more efficient and more intelligent. They are configured to maximize power output of Amerisolar modules, and convert DC electricity produced by the modules into AC electricity and feed it to the grid. They offer best-in-class performance along with a reassuring customer service.





Hybrid-Controller-Inverter-Amerisolar-Kit Solar Panels Kit

Hybrid Controller & Inverter

The hybrid controller & inverter integrates 3 functional modules: solar controller, pure sine wave inverter and insolated transformer. The controller adopts MPPT technology and intelligent battery management design which is very efficient and smart; integrated pure sine wave inverter and low frequency isolated transformer makes it with excellent overload performance, suitable for a variety of electrical appliances. It supports mains/generator input, take advantages of old diesel generators, saving initial investment and operation maintenance cost.
Lithium-Ion-Battery-Amerisolar-Kit Solar Panels Kit

Lithium Ion Battery

The lithium ion batteries designed with the latest technology have high energy density, very low self-discharge rate, wide operating temperature and excellent performance at high temperature. With long cycle life, high safety and reliability, flexible installation and easy maintenance, the batteries are widely used in electrical vehicles, communications systems, solar PV system, wind power system and power station system. Their superior performance have been verified in various fields.
Mounting-Racks-Amerisolar-Kit Solar Panels Kit

Mounting Racks

The mounting racks are composed of high-quality aluminum or high-grade steel components, which combine optimum structural design and durability for quick and easy installation and long-term performance. The light-weight and durable systems can be adapted to a wide range of roof types.
Distribution-Box-Amerisolar-Kit Solar Panels Kit

Distribution Box

The distribution box contains AC circuit breaker, surge protection module, grounding module and no-voltage release module (only for on-grid system) with high safety and reliability, stability, convenient installation and maintenance. Assembled with high quality components, the distribution box can provide better protection for system safety and personal safety.

iSBox Monitoring system

iSBox monitoring system depends on Huawei Fusionhome smart PV management system, and provides users with a flexible internet monitoring solution which is suitable for residential, commercial rooftop systems and PV power plants. It can archive all-weather data and automatically transmit data to PV monitoring webserver via internet. The users can login monitoring website or use smart phone Apps to check power plant information.




iSBox-Monitoring-system-Kit-Amerisolar Solar Panels Kit

Network Structure

Network-structure Solar Panels Kit


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