PV Solar Panels in the Desert

solar-panels-desert-11 PV Solar Panels in the Desert
The Amerisolar PV Solar panels for the desert areas are a particular type of solar panel made for specific area of the planet such as desert or savanna where climatic conditions are very hard.

Our solar panels have successfully passed the most important test report – Blowing sand modules and cable – and in this way, we have obtained the TUV Nord and the TUV Rheinland certifications.
These are essential certifications that show Amerisolar’s capability of supplying solar panels even in desert areas where humidity is very low. As we all know, humidity is one environmental factor that affects the performance and lifetime of solar panels. With these said, it is not surprising why not all solar panel manufacturers cater to desert areas, which is somewhat an oxymoron because the desert is where solar energy is highly concentrated and yet not all solar panels can withstand its temperature.
Now, can we really install solar panels in the desert or in areas with very high temperatures? The answer is yes! Let’s take the case of the Mojave Desert where solar power towers were first built in 1982. The Mojave Desert receives up to twice the sunlight received in other parts of the world. Imagine how hot the temperature is in this place. Now, this abundance of solar energy made it a place of choice to build solar power plants. With the solar systems running successfully, manufacturers of solar panels have taken desert areas into consideration hence coming up with products that can withstand the test of temperature and humidity.

Download our TUV certification (Test Report for Blowing Sand Modules and Cable) and find out for yourself about our high-quality solar panels in the desert.

Also, feel free to get in touch with us so we can explain to you further about installing solar panels in the desert.

The specification of PV Solar panels for desert area


The tempered glass with high quality is used in our panels, and it has high mechanical strength and high stability and durability under different conditions. Various tests prove that this tempered glass has high ammonia, salt mist and abrasion resistance. The attached test report (Blowing sand test for modules) shows that the glass can withstand the effect of blowing sand dust.


The frame structure can be adjusted according to the requirements. We think the present structure of the frame should not have a big impact on the flowing of the sand.


The type of the cable used in our panel is PV1-F, and this type of cable has good weather ability. The attached test report (Test report for the cable) also proves the stability of the cable under long- term irradiation of UV light.

The PV Solar Panels Desert are thought to guarantee high performance of power and considers all factors when designing a solar lighting system:
dust PV Solar Panels in the Desert


We have a special design to ensure our PV Solar panels are dust resistant and minimize maintenance costs in dusty areas.

humidity PV Solar Panels in the Desert


We use waterproof controller, connector and battery box to ensure our lights operate even in the most humid conditions.

season PV Solar Panels in the Desert

Season Variation

We make adjustments for seasonal differences, so our lights will work during the stormy winters as well as balmy summers.

temperature PV Solar Panels in the Desert


Our lights are designed to operate from -20 to 50 degrees.

weather PV Solar Panels in the Desert


Our lights are designed to work through rain, snow, fog, and cloudy weather.

wind-speed PV Solar Panels in the Desert

Wind Speed

We design the foundations and poles to withstand hurricanes.

As a global solar company with leading solar technology, Amerisolar can give only the best products guaranteeing, high perfomance, low energy cost and 30 years of warranty For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us, our staff are at your disposal for any request.