Solar Panel Warranty

Amerisolar PV panels warranty has an extraordinarily long period of validity due to the high-quality materials used. The best
Solar Panel Warranty you can find among top world manufacturers.

20-Years-Warranty Solar Panel Warranties

Amerisolar photovoltaic modules have a warranty of 20 Years for any product defects. The
warranty cover also:

  • Failure due to oxygenation/distortion of aluminum frame;

  • Cracking of the front glass surface due to foreign objects inside the glass;

  • Failure due to defective or malfunction of the junction factory-assembled cables and
    male/female connector.
30-Year-Warranty Solar Panel Warranties

Amerisolar photovoltaic modules have a guaranteed peak power Solar Panel Warranty that cover:

  • at least 91,2 % of production after 12 years;
  • at least 80,6 % of production after 30 years.

Twelve Year Limited Product Warranty

Worldwide Energy along with Making USA Company., Ltd (hereafter is known as “Amerisolar”) warrants their Photovoltaic Module(s)
(‘PV Module(s)’), such as factory-assembled DC fittings along with cabling, in case almost any, to help get rid blemishes and/or
failing given for a time period not beyond a dozen (12) decades in the time frame regarding selling as demonstrated in the Proof
obtain on the Shopper.

The item Warranty pertaining to SUN Modules(s) covers:

Malfunction because of malfunctioning production:

  • Failing because of oxygenation/distortion associated with light weight aluminum body;

  • Breaking from the entrance cup area because of international items within the cup;

1. This specific warranted should not necessarily apply to breaking associated with cup a result of outer shock by traveling by
air materials as well as through outer stress.
2. Applicable above standard request, installation, work with and support conditions

Failing as a result of malfunctioning supplies:

  • Failing because of faulty or even breakdown from the junction factory-assembled wires as well as male/female connection;

Non-conformity for you to requirements on account of bad manufacturing and/or check up functions.

In the event PV Module(s) ceases to conform to this warranty, Amerisolar will probably restoration or perhaps exchange the
particular PV Module(s), on Amerisolar’s only alternative. The actual therapies established in this term 1 should be really the
only and also exclusive therapies presented within the “Limited Merchandise Warranty”.

This particular “Limited Merchandise Warranty” does not bring about a unique power end result, which in turn should
be solely included underneath Clause 3 hereinafter (“Guaranteed High Power Restricted Warranty”).

Guaranteed peak Power Limited Warranty

20 years

Amerisolar justifies the energy output with regard to SOLAR
FARM Adventures for a period of 20 (20) a long time on the
date shown in the industry payment towards Purchaser. If
your SOLAR FARM Module(s) demonstrates an electrical output
below ninety days a single place a pair of per cent (91. 2%) on
the lowest “Peak Electrical power at STC” because chosen
inside Amerisolar’s Product Brands, so long as such burning
inside power is determined by Amerisolar being caused by
disorders inside material or even craftsmanship while in
making and not caused by faulty installment, Amerisolar will at
its sole alternative exchange such burning inside power by
simply either providing added Module(s) towards Consumer to
help make up for such burning inside power, or even by simply
restoring or even swapping your substandard Module(s).

30 years

Amerisolar warrants the energy production regarding SOLAR
FARM Web template modules to get a period of Thirty (30)
several years on the time frame shown available bill for the
Consumer. When the SOLAR FARM Module(s) reveals a power
production under 80 place six % (80. 6%) on the bare minimum
“Peak Energy from STC” while particular in Amerisolar’s Item
Brands, so long as like decline in strength depends on
Amerisolar being on account of flaws in material or
workmanship throughout manufacturing and never on
account of defective installing, Amerisolar may from it is single
option replace like decline in strength by means of possibly
supplying more Module(s) for the Purchaser in order to
replace like decline in strength, or by means of fixing or
replacing the particular flawed Module(s).

The particular remedies set forth in this particular Clause a
couple of shall be the sole and distinctive remedies furnished
within the “Guaranteed Maximum strength Constrained

Exceptions as well as Restrictions

Just about all guarantee statements should, the point is, end up being submitted inside the relevant guarantee time period. The
actual “Limited item Warranties” and also the “Guaranteed maximum energy Restricted Warranties” don’t utilize whenever:

  • The merchandise is actually incorrectly set up;

  • The merchandise is actually put through unacceptable dealing with, such as dealing with throughout transport or even
    storage space;
  • The merchandise is actually set up inside a cellular or even sea atmosphere, put through incorrect voltage or even energy
    spikes, or even put through irregular environment problems (such because acidity rainfall, sodium harm or even additional

  • Unacceptable upkeep, such as upkeep through a good unauthorized support specialist or even non-conformance along with
    Amerisolar’s person guide, is conducted about the component;
  • The merchandise is actually susceptible to exterior mishaps for example fireplace, surge, as well as municipal condition;

  • Additional unexpected conditions or even leads to outdoors Amerisolar’s manage such as, although not limited by, spikes,
    super, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic motion, surges, tsunami snowfall harm, and so on.

The actual “Limited Item Warranties” as well as “Guaranteed maximum Energy Restricted Warranty” include just the actual
transport price with regard to reshipment associated with any kind of fixed or even changedPHOTO VOLTAIC Modules(s) towards
the host to set up, and don’t include any kind of transport costs for that come back associated with PHOTO VOLTAIC Module(s) in
order to Amerisolar, traditions clearance or even every other expenses associated with set up, elimination, or even reinstallation
from the PHOTO VOLTAICModule(s).

Guarantee statements is going to be privileged only when the merchandise could be recognized as becoming produced through
Amerisolar, because pointed out through item content label, serial quantity, and so on.

Restriction associated with Guarantee Range

Amerisolar will not really end up being responsible for any kind of incidental, roundabout, resulting or even unique damage,
howsoever triggered, lack of make use of, lack of earnings, lack of manufacturing, lack of income tend to be consequently
particularly however without having restriction omitted. Amerisolar’s combination legal responsibility, in the event that any kind
of, within damage or else, will not really surpass the actual buy worth from the PHOTO VOLTAIC Module(s) because compensated
through the Purchaser.

Acquiring Guarantee Overall performance

This particular “Limited Guarantees with regard to PHOTO VOLTAIC Module(s)” can be applied and then Purchaser that has bought
the actual PHOTO VOLTAIC Module(s) straight through Amerisolar.

  • An instantaneous notice will be submitted straight to Amerisolar. With the notice, the customer ought to give a explanation
    from the declare, the actual related component serial number(s), as well as Evidence of Buy like a industrial bill.
  • The actual come back associated with any kind of PHOTO VOLTAIC Module(s) won’t be recognized unless of course earlier
    created agreement may be distributed by Amerisolar.
  • Any kind of changed Quests will get to be the home associated with Amerisolar. Amerisolar will possess the to provide
    another kind of PHOTO VOLTAIC Module(s) (different in dimensions, colour, form and/or power) just in case manufacturing
    may be stopped during the time of the actual declare. The actual restore or even alternative from the PHOTO VOLTAIC
    Module(s) or even the actual shipping along with extra PHOTO VOLTAIC Module(s) doesn’t trigger the start of brand new
    guarantee conditions, neither will the initial conditions from the “Limited Item Warranties” and also the “Guaranteed
    Maximum Energy Restricted Warranty” end up being prolonged.
  • This particular guarantee is actually transferable whenever item continues to be set up within the unique area.

  • Purchaser will inform Amerisolar soon after breakthrough associated with any kind of declare below this particular Restricted
    Guarantee through notice, facsimile or even e-mail indicating every supposed declare such as proof of the actual statements
    (photos associated with faulty quests as well as QC stamps) and also the serial amounts of the actual Product(s) from concern.


In the event of any kind of difference inside a warranty-claim, the test-institute for example Fraunhofer ISE within
Freiburg/Germany, TÜV Rheinland within Perfume or Indonesia, or even ASU Az Condition College will be included with regard
to last common sense. Just about all costs as well as costs will be paid for through the dropping celebration, unless of course or
else granted.


This particular restricted guarantee with regard to PHOTO VOLTAIC Module(s) will be through Dec 1, 2011 as well as will affect just
about all PHOTO VOLTAIC Module(s) offered towards the Purchaser following this day. This particular will be legitimate till a good
up-to-date modification is actually released.


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