Amerisolar Solar Panels Performs Well in PHOTON Lab’s Independent Field Testing

Amerisolar has once again proven its competence in the field of solar panel manufacturing when its solar panels were tested
against 102 other brands through an independent field testing by PHOTON Lab.

Leading international solar trade magazine PHOTON conducted the Photon Field Performance Test to help consumers sort the
wheat from the chaff by publishing the actual results gathered during the testing. The test measures the electricity output of a solar
panel exposed to real-world conditions within a 12-month period. The modules were then ranked accordingly, showing
performance ratio (2013 and January 2014) and yield (January 2014).

The Amerisolar solar panels (mono and multi) were installed in January 2012 and showed an excellent power yield performance.
PHOTON Lab’s test results displayed that Amerisolar’s module performance ratios are 99.6% and 101.5% respectively in January
2014, which is obviously among the best power yield performance of solar modules considering both module’s installation two
years back. The tested modules were AS-5M-190w and AS-6P-230w.

Testing Information

The fact that Amerisolar products showed high power yield performance and performance ratio is a sure reason why it has earned the trust of people worldwide, supplying over 1.6 billion clients to date.

Now, to make it even easier for you to decide which brand to trust, here are some factors that you must understand:
  • Performance ratio – This takes into account the amount of solar electricity produced by the solar panel relative to the solar irradiance available and the efficiency of the module under the standard test conditions (STC). The best solar panel brands that participated in the test are those with performance ratios close to 90%. Those with 85% or lower performance ratios are considered poor modules. Take note, Amerisolar mono and multi modules showed 99.6% and 101.5% performance ratios.
  • Ranking – All brands that participated in PHOTON Lab testing had their solar panels installed since January 2011 and have been ranked accordingly after completing a full year of measurement up to January 2014 (2 years after). The ranking clearly shows which brand/s outperform/s the others. These numbers definitely speak for itself. Amerisolar certainly offers nothing but the best and most efficient solar panels like no other!