Potential Induced Degradation (PID)

As one of the leading solar manufacturers worldwide, Amerisolar is committed to making its clients understand every process that happens in its products, one of which is Potential Induced Degradation (PID).

Households and small and huge companies’ sudden switch to using solar panels are primarily because of it being a clean and renewable energy source that can also noticeably reduce the utility costs. However, there are instances when one cannot maximize the lifespan of solar panels due to Potential Induced Degradation (PID), and this is a phenomenon worth understanding.

What Is Potential Induced Degradation?

PID solar or Potential Induced Degradation is a phenomenon that’s been existing for several years. It is a problem occurring on many photovoltaic (PV) panels resulting in a downgraded performance of solar panels. It was first recognized in 1970’s and from then on, a lot of studies have been geared towards assessing the causes of this occurrence.
While factors causing Potential Induced Degradation such as heat, humidity, and negative voltage have been identified, it is not clear why PID solar does not occur on all or on even most of the PV panels. With this said, the dramatic reduction in solar panel prices and quality have been pinpointed as reasons why Potential Induced Degradation happens.

What Are The Effects of Potential Induced Degradation to Solar Panels?

Underperformance is the major result of Potential Induced Degradation (PID) to the solar panels that you have invested on. Ideally, the solar panels are expected to last and display its optimum performance for 20 years. However, in only 2 to 3 years time, Potential Induced Degradation happens and solar panel deficit takes place faster. This means that some or many of the solar panel cells will be damaged and will not be able to perform its purpose, resulting to a power loss of up to 30% and solar panels lasting only for a relatively short amount of time.
Now, isn’t it a high percentage to ignore?

How Can Potential Induced Degradation Be Fixed?

You definitely would like to maximize the usage of your solar panels, right? Now, besides choosing only a trusted solar manufacturer like Amerisolar to purchase your solar panels from, you may also have your solar panel tested for PID. An analysis of your solar panel will reveal damaged cells and underperformance.

Now, if all of these sound very technical to you, it is encouraged that you get in touch with us to better understand the causes and effects of Potential Induced Degradation to solar panels and to be assisted with analyzing your solar panel’s underperformance. Feel free to contact us at aftersales@weamerisolar.com and our after sales service staff will be at your disposal.