Solar Certification

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Amerisolar in 15 years has been obtained numerous Solar Certification. That means our factory believes in a good quality of our
products and we want to give to our customers a complete service and only the best Solar Modules. Amerisolar has been getting
several Solar Certification into order to be able to market in much of the world from the USA to Europe.

Recently, Amerisolar has been certified MCS on solar panels of Taiwanese origin for the UK market. Read the news to click here
Check Amerisolar’s certification and for more information don’t hesitate to contact us our staff will be glad to help you in any

China Photovoltaic Modules Certification

china-flag Solar Panels Certification
China Photovoltaic Modules Solar Certification is very important to guarantee the quality of the products.

Our China Photovoltaic (PV) Modules Certification are designed to last for several years and remain reliable and safe for a long time. Amerisolar’s PV panels have been certificated by some of the most prestigious endorsement authorities as you can notice looking at the pictures showed below.
The certification programs checked and measured the performance under simulated environmental conditions. The successful completion of such programs increases both consumers’ and manufacturers’ confidence on the performance and reliability of the products.

Click on the icon to download each China Photovoltaic Modules Solar Certification

China Photovoltaic Modules Certification