Sales-increase Sales Increase solar panels - 81.6% News
Today Amerisolar announcend that its globals sales volume has increased by 81.6% in October 1 2014 compared to the same period of time in 2013.

Those are increased thanks to our strategies campaigns based on its Leading Solar Technology honology High MOdules, DUTY-FRE prices and wordwide Door-to-Door localogistics servers.

However the main reason for this fast increase is because of Amerisolar new strategies strating from August 2013.

[list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#4f8c2a”]
  • Proving DUTY-FREE modules to EU Markets with solar modules made in Taiwan and South Korea
  • More investment in Japan and Australia Markets
    • Technical innovations of new solar products like AgriSun modules (70w to 100w) best for agriculture
    • More investment in the solar projects in China


  • And more distribution network in Turkey, Africa and South Americas, etc



Currently, Amerisolar is supplying the following High-Efficiency solar modules: AS-6P-250w/260w, AS-5M-200w/210w (Silver and Black) and AS-6M-310w/315w (Silver and Black), and its new brand all investors and shareholders.

As a global company with leading solar techonology, Amerisolar is showing its more and more competitive strength in worldwide solar markets.

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