Every now and then I clean the car windscreen because the visibility is reduced by the dust. I have been also happy with a rainy day since my car could get cleaner without efforts. In the same way, the glass that covers the top of the solar panel needs some attention. It’s important to have them clean to produce more electricity. Solar panels are quite easy to maintain because the rain usually takes care of the cleaning.

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But in cases where the panels are installed almost horizontal or in a drought-prone area, dirt can accumulate on top. Leaves, grime, pollen and bird droppings are the toughest to remove as they can build up and harden over time because all accumulate can reduce panel efficiency.
We know that rain can help, but cannot be the only one solution to have a clean glass that can transmit as much light as possible.
Learn how to clean solar light panels to keep your solar power system running at peak performance. And yes, you will realize that the same system applies to your car windows!

When to clean your solar panels

Solar panels can get really hot when the sun is up so it would be best to clean them when the sky is overcast. During high noon when the sun is beating down on the panels, water and soap can quickly evaporate and leave a residue or smear the panels. Overnight dew can also soften grime on the panels so you don’t have to use as much water and energy if you clean them before sunrise.

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What you need for cleaning solar panels?

  • Good-quality soft brush

  • Long hose with a suitable nozzle

  • Use only demineralized water

  • Squeegee with plastic blade, cloth-covered sponge, and telescopic handle

  • Bucket of soapy water

  • Not use chemical agent or abrasive cloths

But, what you need for cleaning a very large solar system?

Solar panels system in agricultural, desert and rural areas need to be washed frequently because a dirty solar system can reduce up to 30% of its energy production.
Clean a very large solar system it’s a different matter because you must do it in the shortest possible time and reduce costs, too.
The only solution is to use professional cleaning machines for photovoltaic panels.

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The Solar Cleaner Machines are extremely versatile and fulfil the various requirements which crop up in this field of work. They can be equipped with brushes up to 5 mt and with a high-pressure multi-jet.

The brushes are managed via sensors and they ensure a constant distance from the panels preventing damages. The Solar Cleaner Machines are guaranteed to be emission-free for indoor or outdoor, non-corrosive, rust resistant and they are warrantied for life.



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