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As a solar brand originated from America (USA), Amerisolar is taking more competitive strategies markets based on its worldwide Leading Solar Technology, High Efficiency, DUTY-FREE prices and Door-to-Door local logistics services.
To thank for all our customers’ trust and support in 2013, Amerisolar will offer Special discount for its customers on its Thanks-Day 2013 (December 18th).
On Amerisolar Thanks-Day, Amerisolar will offer 5 -10% price discount for its solar modules. The module types will be AS-6P-250/255w (Poly) and AS-6M-260/265w (Mono).
The special price discount will be valid only for the contracts signed on December 18th, and the volume limit will be 10MW.

Every year Amerisolar Thanks-Day is a special day for all Amerisolar team to show their thanks and appreciation to all its existing and potential customers. Generally Amerisolar Thanks-Day is in the second week of December of each year.
As a global company with leading solar technology, Amerisolar is showing its more and more competitive strength in worldwide solar markets.

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