Amerisolar Panels Achieved UL Certification

Amerisolar Panels Achieved UL Certification. This certification covers Amerisolar panels from 260w to 300w with 60 cells, therefore you can get one of the highest-efficiency solar module types in the world that is the Amerisolar AS-6M30-300w.

The UL certification distinguishes you as a user of superior quality.

Ul-Certified-Solar-Pannels Amerisolar panels Achieved UL Certification News

The Amerisolar panels are leaders in the solar energy market and the satisfaction of its users is therefore guaranteed. The panels you buy adhere to the strictest production standards, thereby reassuring the users of its safety. Amerisolar panels are adapted for domestic and industrial use. As a consequence, you as our client get the best solar panels on the market.

Your safety has always been at the core of corporate and production strategy. Which is why we provide clients with panels which will fit seamlessly – both into your daily operations and life – while providing an optimum performance at the same time. And you can get all of these without constant maintenance issues because risks are anticipated while producing Amerisolar panels.

The solar power industry is currently experiencing a rapid expansion, so it is hard for users to tell legit from fake. The UL certification on the Amerisolar panels you buy is a pledge that you will always get the best quality solar panels, and your safety will always be our priority. With every purchase, you will always save money!

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UL-Certified-Solar-Pannels Amerisolar panels Achieved UL Certification News

2018 will see our USA clients being supplied with more Amerisolar panels. This is because you are at the centre of our corporate strategy. American local customers will be provided with the best services in 2018. Furthermore, section 201 will be activated in American markets. Its activation will lead to massive expansion. Not only will you get quality panels, you will also have an opportunity to take part in its production. This expansion will come with increasing employment, leading to an overall improvement in your wellbeing.

At Amerisolar, it is all about “you”. The processes and strategy are all tailored to make sure you get the best.

Amerisolar is a solar brand originating from the USA with production bases in the USA, China, South Korea and Vietnam. This ensures the satisfaction of the worldwide client base. We provide you with high quality, state of the art solar technology. You have assured of the best prices thanks to our tariff pricing strategy and also worldwide door-to-door logistics service, saving you both time and money.