SPI-las-vegas SPI Expo 2014 In Las Vegas News
Today Amerisolar announced that it will attend Solar Power International Expo in Las Vegas from October 20th to 23rd, 2014. Amerisolar Booth Number is 2354, Hall S2.

When USA has announced its Anti-dumping Policy against the solar modules made in China, Amerisolar High-tech and High-efficiency solar modules made in USA or out of China have been meeting a much larger market opportunity in USA. Amerisolar expect a 230% sales increase in Q4 this year in US market.

In SPI Expo, Amersolar will present its high-efficiency solar modules of AS-5M-200w/210w, AS-6P-250w/260w and AS-6P-300w/315w.

As a global solar company with leading solar technology, Amerisolar is showing its more and more competitive strength in worldwide solar markets.


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