Green-energy-expo Green Energy Expo 2015 News
From Green Energy Expo 2015 Amerisolar will be exhibiting at International Green Energy Expo & Conference Korea 2015 (IGEEC. We sincerely invite you to come and visit us at our both.
IGEEC is the largest Solar Expo in South Korea. As an American brand and based on Amerisolar new technology, during the Expo, Amerisolar will exhibit its new technology solar panels up to 320w and its “AgriSun” panels (60w-120w) specially designed for agriculture farms and roofs-tops. Amerislar ows the patents for the news technology and panels.
Amerisolar owns the patents for the new techologoy and panels.
We are looking forward to meeting you at the Expo. In our meeting, we would like to introduce you Amerisolar 2015 “2+Strategy” for global solar markets and our special policy for Korea markets.


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