Duty Free Solar Panels

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tax-free-solar-panels Duty Free Solar Panels
As a brand born in the United States, Amerisolar is implementing the best strategies for the European market based on the high quality of the products and on the advanced solar technology.

No need to pay Customs duty

From September 2013 Amerisolar offers solar panels exempt from customs duties and already cleared to all European customers.

Save your money

Amerisolar offers the best prices for its solar panels free of customs duties. Amerisolar also offers the best range of power currently available thanks to the high quality of the solar cells used: Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline from 250/255Wp from 260/265Wp.

Save your money

Amerisolar is able to provide customers with a delivery service door to door within the European borders. Amerisolar up from the warehouse to the installation location.
as-6p-poly1 Duty Free Solar Panels
Amerisolar expects that the market for solar panels in Europe to grow by 30% and that is why Amerisolar is working to provide more and more service and quality to all customers.