Why It Is the Best Time to Choose
DEWA Approved Solar Panels

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) launched the Shams Dubai solar program back in 2015 to encourage customers to install DEWA approved solar panels for generating electricity. This is in line with Dubai’s vision to produce 75% of its energy from clean resources by 2050.

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high-efficiency-solar-panels Why It Is the Best Time to Choose DEWA Approved Solar Panels News

Under the Shams Dubai solar program, DEWA approved solar panels allow customers to produce their own power and reduce their monthly electricity bill. Any surplus electricity not used within the month will be fed into the DEWA power network while the property owner is credited by DEWA at the retail rate. This principle of net metering lets customers stay connected to the DEWA grid and combine the 24/7 reliability of a grid connection with the reduced cost of solar energy.


DEWA approved solar panels can be installed on clear, unobstructed roofs, parking structures with no shading, and other areas facing south. Locations that face north can be mounted with tilting solar panels.

Quality standards for DEWA approved solar panels

Committed to maintaining the highest technical standards for solar panel installations, DEWA requires all photovoltaic equipment to undergo a rigorous process of certification to ensure compliance with international quality and safety standards.
Amerisolar is one of the first clean energy companies to be certified by DEWA to install solar panels under the Shams Dubai initiative.

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Why install DEWA approved solar panels

Non-renewable energy sources such as oil, gas, and coal are fast depleting. Unless the world makes the switch to clean and green energy, all of these resources could be gone in the next 40-50 years.

Less supply plus more demand equals higher prices. Anywhere in the world, the cost of consuming electricity continues to rise. Solar technology has become an economical alternative especially in places like Dubai where there is excellent solar radiation. Factories and warehouses with extra wide rooftops such as those in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Logistics City, Dubai Investments Park, and Dubai Industrial City are already producing around 90% of their own power through DEWA approved solar panels – thus saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

To maximize savings, many customers use DEWA approved solar panels to cover 80% of their winter electricity consumption (the most expensive DEWA red tariff slab). Over the whole year, this translates to around 50% of their consumption with cheaper solar energy.

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How to install DEWA approved solar panels

To be able to install DEWA approved solar panels, a photovoltaic electrical contractor must obtain accreditation from DEWA. The first requirement is a valid trade license issued by the Department of Economic Development. The company must also have at least one graduate electrical engineer with a minimum of one year experience in electrical design and installation that are in compliance with DEWA’s regulations. Company engineers and technicians should undergo training on the technical and safety standards of DEWA and pass the photovoltaic systems expert program.

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To get started, contact a DEWA accredited solar energy company today and describe your project details. An engineer will be sent to your location to review your energy consumption the last 12 months and assess the design of your roof. The project quote will include the optimal size of DEWA approved solar panels for your property as well as installation costs.

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