On-grid Solar System

Amerisolar On-grid Solar System, its solar panel kits, are designed to provide a complete energy solution for residential and commercial roofs. The PV system is composed of solar modules, inverters, mounting systems and other necessary accessories. All the components are from the top-class manufacturers, and ensure the highest energy yield and maximize your return on investment.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High performance and reliability
  • Top quality components
  • Easy installation and low installation costs
  • Very low maintenance
  • Long lifespan
  • Environmental and user-friendly
pv-system On-grid Solar System
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Amerisolar On-grid Solar System specifications

System size Module type Module quantity Strings Inverter
1.5kW AS-5M-200W 5 1 SG1K5TL
3kW AS-5M-200W 15 2 SG3KTL
4kW AS-5M-200W 20 2 SG4KTL
4kW AS-6M30-250W/AS-6P30-250W 16 2 SG4KTL
5kW AS-5M-200W 25 3 SG5KTL
5kW AS-6M30-250W/AS-6P30-250W 20 2 SG5KTL
10kW AS-5M-200W 50 4 SG10KTL
10kW AS-6M30-250W/AS-6P30-250W 42 2 SG10KTL


On-grid Solar System

PV-solar-panels On-grid Solar System

Solar Modules

Amerisolar photovoltaic modules are produced under the strict quality control in compliance with the standard IEC61215 and IEC61730. All components and materials for the modules are of the best quality from well-established suppliers. This ensures the modules produce a continuous, reliable yield, even under demanding operational conditions. The modules also show superior performance in Photon Lab’s test field. Amerisolar offers the customers a 12-year product warranty along with a 30-year warranty on 80.6% power output.

sungrow On-grid Solar System


The top-class inverters are configured to maximize power output of Amerisolar modules, and convert DC electricity produced by the modules into AC electricity and feed it to the grid. They offer best-in-class performance and reliability along with a reassuring customer service. Depending on the size and specifications of the PV system, We have selected the most efficient inverter among brands such as Sungrow, SMA and Zeversolar.

kit-fittings On-grid Solar System

Mounting systems

The mounting on-grid solar systems are composed of high-quality aluminium or high-grade steel components, which combine optimum structural design and durability for quick and easy installation and long-term performance. The light-weight and durable systems can be adapted to a wide range of roof types.

kit-electrics On-grid Solar System

Electrical accessories

The PV on-grid solar systems include all the necessary components and accessories such as DC & AC distribution box, cables and connectors, which offer a completed solution for the installers.


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