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Amerisolar, one of the top solar panels manufacturers, with its 16-year experience in
manufacturing and quality control, reached the production capacity of 500MW. Based on
the technical cooperation with German and US Institutes, Amerisolar solar modules have
been certified by TUV, KTL, MCS, CEC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001 and China “Golden
Sun”.Amerisolar photovoltaic panels have been widely used in Germany, France, Italy,
Netherlands, USA, UK, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Greece, Taiwan and many other
countries and districts.

10 reasons to choose Amerisolar Solar Modules Manufacturer

389 Amerisolar  More Detailed Classifications of modules

This will help improve the performance of the whole solar
power plant ( by classifying power and even current ).

432 Amerisolar  Solar cells of high efficiency

Amerisolar is only using high- efficiency solar cells to ensure
maximum power output and stability of solar modules.

378 Amerisolar  Plus Tolerance

0-+3%, to make sure the highest output of the modules
and the best benefits for our clients.

425 Amerisolar  Best Warranty

12 years product warranty, and 12 and 30 years
power output are guaranteed.

355 Amerisolar  Tempered Glass

High transmission rate tempered glass increases solar
transmission and ensures excellent mechanical strength
of solar modules.

410 Amerisolar  Best EVA and TPT

EVA and TPT adopt high quality raw materials so as
to ensure good performance of atrocious weather prevention.
Amerisolar is only using the most reliable EVA and TPT in solar
industry, which is proved by long-time testing and history.

361 Amerisolar  Junction Box

Amerisolar’s Junction boxes are specially designed for
waterproof and insulation, and the special bypass diodes
inside the junction boxes greatly reduce the hotspot effect
and guarantee stable power output.

348 Amerisolar  Performance Tests

Amerisolar has passed testing of IEC 61215 and IEC
61730, which ensures that Amerisolar modules work very well
under the atrocious weather condition.

346 Amerisolar  Special Performance

Amerisolar modules still keep higher power output under
dim light conditions.

386 Amerisolar  Strict Quality Control

Amerisolar is doing 100 percent testing about module
current and voltage, to make sure that 100% modules for
our customers are qualified.

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Amerisolar Laboratory – Tester center

The follow there are some photos about our laboratories. We want to show you how we work and which kind of test we do just to
guarantee you only the best solar panels.

The system for testing the cross-link rate
of EVA

laboratory- Amerisolar

Temperature & Humidity chamber

laboratory4 Amerisolar

High and low temperature alternating
damp heat test chamber

laboratory3 Amerisolar

UV preconditioning test chamber

laboratory2- Amerisolar

The Performance Ratio of Amerisolar mono 190W solar panel is 99.9%, which is the highest compared to other first-class
manufacturers in the world.

Officially published in Photon Magazine

test-laboratory Amerisolar


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